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Benefits of Foam Sealants

Lower Heating / Cooling Bills and Create a Comfortable Indoor Environment

Your home is probably insulated with fiberglass, but it is not air-sealed.  There are dozens of small gaps, cracks and holes around your electrical outlets, plumbing and electric lines.  In fact, there are so many holes that when added together, they equal the size of an open door that allows the outside air to come right in.  Using Touch ‘n Foam to fill these gaps can drive down your energy costs by as much as 28%, and give your heater/air conditioner the break it deserves.  Click here for more energy savings information. 

Keep Pests Outdoors, Where They Belong

We love our environment, but we would rather the pests and rodents stay outside.  Touch ‘n Foam has no ingredients that appeal to insects or animals, so they generally won’t attempt to chew through the foam.  This creates an excellent barrier for keeping pests outside.

Gain a Fire and Smoke Barrier

Not all foams can claim what Touch ‘n Foam Fire Break can – a federal rating as a Class A residential fireblocking foam.  A fireblocking foam slows the spread of flames from one area to another by blocking the flow of oxygen.  The gaps around your pipes, electrical wires and outlets give oxygen a free pass from one room to another.  Fire needs oxygen to spread, so when you use Fire Break to stop the flow of oxygen, you buy valuable time to get to safety during a fire. Click here for more information on Fire Break

Reduce Humidity and the Growth of Mold

Moisture breeds mold.  When you have gaps and cracks around your house, humidity levels remain high.  This is what causes condensation and sometimes even frost to develop on your windows.  Warm, moist air rises and the moisture permeates your ceilings and attic.  This can cause mold growth that you may never see, but will ultimately cause wood rot and home damage, and possibly even health issues for allergy-sensitive family members.

Reduce Noise Levels

Sound travels through the gaps and cracks between your walls and around your windows and doors.  Sealing those gaps helps reduce ambient noise and create a comfortable living environment.