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Touch 'n Foam Professional offers Subfloor Construction Adhesive for use on wood-to-wood assemblies, glued floor systems, dimensional and treated lumber, plywood and OSB. It is an all-weather, one-component, gun-applied foam that quickly condenses to a high-strength gel adhesive. It passes ASTM D3498, so it performs on dry, frozen and wet lumber.

And here's the best part - Touch 'n Foam Pro Subfloor Construction Adhesive provides 10 times the product  than comparable subfloor caulk adhesives. This reduces the number of change-outs and places less fatigue on your hands.


Subfloor Application

Prevent Nail Pops and Floor Squeaks


The tight connection that traditional caulk adhesives and nails play on quality flooring can wear down quickly - especially in high traffic areas, giving way to nail pops and floor squeaks. 


Touch 'n Foam Professional Subfloor Construction Adhesive formulated to prevent nail pops and floor squeaks, providing your customers with quality flooring that they will enjoy for years. Simply attach the can to your foam applicator and apply the recommended 1/4" bead size to your trusses and joists. The long barrel foam applicator and stablizing guides will make the job quick and easy. 


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Touch ‘n Foam Professional Subfloor Construction is a versatile gel foam adhesive that can be used on dry, wet and frozen lumber.  The all-weather, one-component, gun foam quickly condenses into a high-strength gel adhesive for wood-to-wood assemblies, glued floor systems, dimensional and treated lumber, plywood, and OSB.