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Cold Weather Reminder

During colder months, it is extremely important to remember the temperature sensitivity of 2- component spray foam.  Variance outside of the recommended temperature range can drastically affect the performance of your foam kit. (Version Française)

There are 3 important temperature considerations for optimal performance:

  • Chemical temperature
  • Substrate temperature
  • Ambient air temperature

Chemical Temperature

Chemical temperatures inside the tanks/kits must be between 21°–32°C (70°–90°F) during use. Warming chemicals inside the tanks to proper temperatures may require up to 36 hours. Store at room temperature (16°–32°C / 60°–90°F), in a dry area, for at least one day prior to use. Do not expose kits or cylinders to open flame, temperatures above 49°C (120°F) or kerosene heaters. Tanks can be warmed in a hot water bath or near a non-flammable heat source prior to use. Gently rock tanks during warming process to evenly distribute chemical temperature.

Surface Temperature

All surfaces should be clean/dry and temperature between 16°–32°C (60°–90°F) prior to application. Low surface temperatures will absorb heat from the foam’s chemical reaction, which will both prevent the foam from adhering to the surface and reduce the yield of your foam kit.

Ambient Temperature

Ensure the ambient air temperature of your work area is between 16°–32°C (60°–90°F) during application.

Refer to enclosed Safe Use, Storage and Handling for Low Pressure Spray Foam Products for application guidelines. Once product is completely used, one tank may still have product remaining. This is normal due to temperature and not a product defect. Please dispose of tanks according to local regulations.


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